Vancouver Korean Culture Week


Cast your vote for your favourite K-POP BTS cover dance video!

Vote for Canada’s Next Top K-POP Dance Stars

Voting Rules & Winner Announcement

1. You can vote for a video a maximum of 1 time per day.
2. You can vote for multiple videos in 1 day.
This means for example, that you can vote for 5 different videos in 1 day but cannot vote for the same video 5 times in 1 day.
Voting will be monitored and videos with suspicious voting activity will be disqualified.
Winners will be announced on October 26th here and on the Korean Consulate’s website, and winners will be contacted directly to receive their prize.

* The videos are posted in order of submission time.

Voting Tabulation Explanation

Thank you to everybody who participated in 2021 Korean Culture Week by submitting videos for our K-pop and K-food competitions.
Unfortunately, we have had some issues with suspicious voting. We have made some decisions in counting votes in the interest of making this competition as fair as possible for everybody involved.
As such, we have decided to only count votes that are made in daytime hours (6AM to midnight) in Canada. Additionally, we disqualified 1 k-pop and 3 Cookbang videos for obvious use of VPN-altering technology.

We sincerely hope everybody had a fun time creating these videos that capture Korean culture so well. Congratulations to all the winners listed below:  


Yours Truly

Hee-eun Kim

Patricia Chiu

Emily Huang

The Lams

BGM Dance Team

Christiana Chiu

Mimyu Official


Seunga Hong

Panwiberry Dance Group

Flying Dance Studio

Stella and Evan

Alexander Regis

Kaoun Park


Bo Rami


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